Istanbul Oral B Bogazici Triathlon Race which will be organised first time, with in the organizastion of Turkish Triathlon Federation under the governence of the Youth and Sports Ministry and with the support of Beykoz Municipality

The main sponsor of the organisation is Oral B. 500 athletes from around the World and Turkey is expected to attend to the İstanbul Oral B Bosphorus Triathlon Race Many important sponsor brands will also be presented in the organization to contribute to the races, which are expected to be one of the turning points in the Turkish Triathlon branch.sport

Noteable Triathletes expected to participate

The president of Turkish Triathlon Federation Bayram Yalcinkaya stated that: they are preparing or competition by the 100th Year Vision of the Establishment of Turkish Republic  He noted further “ We have an important support from our Ministry. We are estimating that Istanbul will become one of the world’s leading triathlon destinations with the participation of 500 athletes in the first year and with in the next years 2000 or 3000 elite athletes’ participation”

In the İstanbul Oral B Bosphorus Standard Distance Triathlon after athletes complete 2300m swimming in Bosphorus, they continue to the 40 km bike course including bridge pass and finish 10 km running.

The organization, which is expected to become one of the important vision races of our federation during the season, will be held in the scope of pandemic measurements like past two years.

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