President of Turkish Triathlon Federation Bayram Yalcinkaya stated that they are doing all the necessary Works for organisation.

Stating that the approvals were obtained from the Ministry of Youth and Sports, and also Yalçınkaya said, “We will hold the race on 11 – 12 september. It will be first triathlon race in the Bosphorus. This race will contribute to branch’s branding value and sports tourism with promotion of our country. Our aim is to start with 500-600 athletes. We would like to reach 2 thousand athletes for the next year and 3  thousand athlete  for 100th anniversary of our republic. Thus, we would like to  create a visual feast.”

Stating that unrealize the organisation due to pandemic situations, Yalcınkaya said that “This organisation was my dream. I hope that there will be no problem and we can organize İstanbul Oral B  Bosphorus Triathlon Race on september. We are working for 2 years. Last year, we could not have a chance to achieve it because of pandemic. Now this year we are ready to do it . We are taking our preparations  serously . If there won’t be an extreme situation, we would like to make it real.

It will be included to ETU event calender in 2022, Europe Championship will be demanded on 2023

This race, which is planned to organise first time , is expected to gain an international level for the next two years.

The organisation will be included to the ETU event calender next year and This organisation is planned to host for the 2023 Europe Championship Final’s

Athletes are competing in the branches of triathlon as swim, bike and run  Athletes will swim for 2 thousand 300 meter, ride a bike for 40 km and run for 10 km.

The swim race is planned to be held between Kanlıca and Küçüksu, bike race on the TEM highway, and run race between Küçüksu - Çubuklu.

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