Elite20+2300m40km10kmStandard Distance Triathlon
Age Group18+2300m40km10kmStandard Distance Triathlon
Team Relay18+2300m40km10kmStandard Distance Triathlon


The deadline for registration is 2022 September the 4th Sunday  at 23.59

The system will be shot down after the deadline. Province Confirmation Document is NOT necessary for the Age Groups Category. Race Kit Distribution will be done in the event venue.


Registrations will be made by Turkish Triathlon Federation’s member portal.

Standard Distance Registration Fee is 180 TL for all categories,

For International participants in all categories the registration fee is 30 Euros.

Standard Distance Relay Race Registration Fee is 450 TL.

The registration fee od standard distance relay fee is 75 Euro for International Participants.

There will be No late registration.

Unless the race is cancelled by The Turkish Triathlon Federation, there will be no refunding. Entry fee should be charged by credit card via federation’s official website. Payment Transactions can be controlled in your profile’s payment transaction menu. If you wil have any problems during the payment or if you want to pay in an other date before the race you may use your profiles payment transaction menu


Time chips will be distributed, at the place and time, specified in the program. If a person does not take his/her chip and race kit  on time,  Chip and kit is given under some conditions in order to not to suffer any victimization to their friend or trainer. In order not victimize the athletes, athlets friend, and/or athletes coaches, the persons who collects the race chips and kits, should submit the athletes ID card’s copy, licence and a petition letter which should be about taking the chips and kits . Chips should be worn on the ankle and should not be removed during the race.


Istanbul Oral B Bosphorus Triathlon Race is subject to special road closing rules as a bridge will be used. The Cut - Off time will be certainly enforced. Since the opening times of the roads are determined definitely, the athletes who are stuck in the swim, bike and run Cut - Off times, must leave the track.


Technical meeting will be held online with TTF Youtube page. Participation in Technical meeting is important in terms of to get pre-information about changes. The changes that are not foreseen before the organization and that are necessary for a safer conduct of the organization will be announced by the Organization Committee in the technical meeting via taking the opinion / decision of the competition commission. All athletes will be accepted as participated to the meeting. Persons who did not attend the technical meeting, will be deemed to have accepted any changed situation.


There will be no allowance. (Only for Turkish Citizens)


Hüseyin Tan / Head Referee - +90 505 805 74 27
Utku Yaşar / TTF Istanbul Province Representative - +90 442 70 70


Bülent Çendik / TTF Executive Board Member
Utku Yaşar / TTF Istanbul Province Representative


An athlete who protests against another athlete or Technical official, must do so to the Head Referee within fiftheen (15) minutes of his/her finish time. In case of a protest that is initiated within this period th etime limit will be extended by thirty (30) more minutes from the time the athlete initiated the protest. The protest must be accompanied by a deposit of 20 euros, and will be refunded ıf the protest is succesful . If the protest is denied , there will be no refund and the Money will be retained by TTF (Turkish Triathlon  Federation)


Un-official Race Results will be announced in the venue area, official results will be published in Turkish Triathlon Federation website next Monday after the race at 18.00 o'clock.